What is Inspiring the Future?

Inspiring the Future is an exciting new programme that’s coming to schools across Aotearoa.

Based on research from Aotearoa and overseas, Inspiring the Future has been created to broaden young people’s horizons, help challenge stereotypes and address unconscious biases that can limit their potential.

Being part of an Inspiring the Future event is a powerful experience that gives young people a strong sense of the possibilities.

At an Inspiring the Future event, young people hear from people in their own communities, learn about different jobs and why people love doing them, as well as how those people got started and the challenges they faced along the way.

For people who volunteer to take part, Inspiring the Future is a great way to give back to their local community and be seen as a positive role model for our young people. And for schools that hold an event, Inspiring the Future can expand young people’s sense of what’s possible and deliver to the curriculum at the same time. All the printed and electronic resources they need are provided, making it straightforward on the day.

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Role models
Role models
Become a role model by sharing your story at an Inspiring the Future event.
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Inspiring the Future has been designed with the existing curriculum in mind.
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