Your opportunity to raise the profile of your industry.

Your employees could broaden horizons and inspire a world of opportunity

Inspiring the Future is an exciting new programme that’s coming soon to schools across New Zealand – including schools in your community.

Based on research from Aotearoa and overseas, Inspiring the Future has been created to help broaden young people’s horizons, challenge stereotypes and address unconscious biases that can limit their potential.

Being part of an Inspiring the Future event is a powerful experience that gives young people a strong sense of the possibilities.

Support your team and showcase your industry

At an Inspiring the Future event, young people learn about different jobs and why people love doing them, as well as how those people got started in their careers.

Encouraging your team to volunteer is a great way to support their professional development, as well as raise the profile of your business and your industry as a whole.

Inspiring the Future also offers an opportunity to demonstrate that businesses like yours are socially responsible, by engaging with your community and contributing to its ongoing wellbeing.

Pass it on. Watch it grow.

You’ll find a toolkit of articles, messaging, videos and more below that you can use to pass the message on.

No matter what your colleagues do or the journey they took to get there, their stories can help young people to understand the world of opportunity that awaits them.

Inspiring the Future brand video 

This short video sets up the problem Inspiring the Future has been created to solve - weaving together words from children and role models to give a sense of how it feels to inspire young people at an in-school event. 

Intranet article

You could put this article on your company intranet. Use as it is or change the wording.

Email content to share with your team

Use this text in an email to your colleagues – it includes the link they’ll need to sign up.

Email content to share with other businesses

Use this text if you’re a membership body or industry association or if you’d like to share Inspiring the Future with other businesses.

Sample social media posts

Text, images and videos you can mix and match in your social media posts.

Video of an Inspiring the Future event

Share this video so they can see what happens at an Inspiring the Future event.