Hearts and minds transcript


Text: Most children under 13 see themselves in just one of nine different jobs. Drawing The Future research 2019.

Boy: I wanted to be a rugby player.

Girl: I was thinking maybe a YouTuber.

Boy: Maybe a gamer.

Boy: Maybe play some sport. Get a lot of money.

Girl: Maybe be on Tik Tok.

Text: Inspiring the Future uses stories to broaden horizons for our children and young people.

Man: You start talking to these rangatahi, these young people, and you realise 'oh, actually I do have a bit of a cool job.'

Text: Stories that come from people just like you.

Woman: I've never volunteered for anything like this before.

Man: I'm not really much of a story teller.

Woman: I've never talked to anyone who's done this job before.

Boy: Imagine building skateparks.

Girl: Now I want to be a software engineer so I can make apps.

Girl: Being an electrician is pretty cool.

Boy: It's really helped me to figure out what I want to do.

Woman: It would be so hard to get into this field if you didn't ever have someone to look at and say 'I can be like them.'

Man: I made a difference.

Woman: It was the best feeling. It was awesome.

Text: Volunteer to become a role model. InspiringTheFuture.org.nz.

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