Rosalyn Lauvi

Introduce yourself and tell us what you do for a job?

Mālō ni, I’m Rosalyn Lauvi. Born and bred in Wellington, and I work at Ara Poutama Aotearoa as a developer.
One of the exciting aspects of being a developer is that I can be creative. I’m able to collaborate with a bunch of different people to brainstorm ideas, design user experiences, and find innovative ways to solve challenges. I get to work on a range of cool projects where I help people understand what they need and to develop digital solutions that meets those needs.

What brings you joy in your job?

Seeing people’s positive reactions to changes I make and knowing that it makes their work lives easier.

Did you face any challenges to get where you are now?

Most skills I’ve learnt have been on the job, so the pace of learning can be challenging at the beginning. I also didn’t have a mentor outside of my team to help with career questions and to go over any issues or opportunities.
It was a bit lonely at the beginning because there weren’t many people in my team who were around my age or who I could relate to.

Why did you want to be an Inspiring the Future role model?

This is a great way to empower the next generation to join the tech space through someone relatable and who may have a similar background to them.

Tech is an incredibly massive industry and is a space for anyone and everyone.