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Learn how to host an Inspiring the Future event – register for our webinar on 1 June.

Te Tukanga
How the events work

Events can be held in person at a physical location or online.

It's up to you how long they go for though we recommend 2-4 hours for in-person and about 1 hour for online events.

In-person and online events work a bit differently.

Ngā Huinga Tangata
In-person events

  • 20 questions. Students ask questions to try to guess what job role models do.
  • The reveal. Role models leave the room and come back wearing work clothes or carrying props that represent what they do. They reveal their job and share their story about how they got there with the students.
  • Discussion groups. Students sit with role models to ask questions and learn more about their job and story.

You can read a step-by-step guide to running an in-person Inspiring the Future event here.

Ngā Huinga Ipurangi
Online events

  • Breakout sessions. Small groups of students spend time in breakout sessions with single role models to investigate their job and learn more about their pathway.
  • The pitch. Everyone comes together for a short pitch from all role models about who they are and what work they do.
  • Show and tell. Students choose which job they would like to learn more about in group breakout sessions where role models discuss their jobs in more detail.

Inspiring the Future online events

You can read a step-by-step guide to running an online Inspiring the Future event here.

Ngā Tauira Mahi?
Who are the role models?

Role models are people from all walks of life who have volunteered because they want to share their work experiences to inspire students.

Keeping our students safe is important. All our volunteers need to complete a criminal record check before they can be an Inspiring the Future role model.

Find out more about how we safeguard your students here.

Te Whakatū Hui
Creating an event

Creating an event is free, you'll need:

  • an ESL logon
  • around 20 minutes to enter your event details and choose role models.

After that your invitations will be sent to role models and you'll receive a resource pack from us which includes pre and post-event activities for the classroom. The resource pack is also available in te reo Māori.

Log in using your Education Sector Logon here and start creating events at your school.