STEM inspiration at Hillmorton High School

  • ItF Hillmorton event

Over 200 Year 9 ākonga recently got inspired about careers at an Inspiring the Future event at Hillmorton High School in Christchurch. The role models came from a range of career pathways related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

They offered insights into some less well-known jobs in a range of industries, such as forestry advisor, motorsport engineer, plant propagator, data analyst and project manager (see the full list below). Over the session, each student engaged with 8 to 10 role models in Q&A and speed-meet discussions.

Students first split into four groups with four to five role models, where they started with a quick-fire Q&A to try and figure out what each role model did for a job. The range of jobs meant it wasn’t easy but the ākonga did really well, asking great questions and making very close guesses.

After the role models revealed their jobs, students rotated around for short career discussions in a speed-meet style. These kōrero gave students an insight into each job, potential pathways, a day in the life, and the skills and training required.

Everyone had fun, and there was great feedback from the role models, who are keen to do more events.

Role models included:

  • Plant Propagation Manager
  • Driver Trainer
  • Lincoln young farmers/Lincoln Uni students
  • Animal Welfare Inspector
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lab Technician
  • Landscape Architect
  • Manager (Electrician)
  • Data Analyst
  • Warehouse/Logistics Manager
  • Project Management
  • Forestry Advisor
  • Motorsport Engineer

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