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Share your story and help broaden horizons for children and young people


Your story could inspire a world of opportunity

Inspiring the Future is an exciting new programme for schools across Aotearoa.

At an Inspiring the Future event, young people hear from volunteers from their own communities, learn about different jobs and why people love doing them, as well as how those people got started in their careers.

Inspiring the Future can be a powerful experience that can broaden young people’s horizons and give them a strong sense of the possibilities.

Keeping our students safe is important. All our volunteers need to complete a criminal record check before they can be an Inspiring the Future role model. Find out more about how we safeguard the students here.

Showcase your job and your industry

If you volunteer to take part in an Inspiring the Future event, you can help to showcase your job and your industry to the community.

You can read a step by step guide to volunteering at an in-person Inspiring the Future event here.

You can download and read all of our online event resources here.

No matter what your role is or the journey you took to get there, if you enjoy what you do you’ll be seen as a role model who is helping young people to understand the world of opportunity that awaits them.

Next steps

When you sign up to be an Inspiring the Future role model, you’ll be asked to complete an online profile and a criminal record check form.

Your profile will be visible to schools on the website after the criminal record check. Teachers can then read your profile and invite you to participate in Inspiring the Future events.

Your time commitment

Inspiring the Future in-person events last 2-4 hours. You should allow time to travel to and from the event and up to 1 hour for preparation.

Inspiring the Future online event times will vary but should be about 1 hour. For this event type you will be able to dial in from the comfort of your own home or place of work.

If a school invites you to their Inspiring the Future event, you’ll receive an email asking you to log in to the website and find out more.

Signing up as a role model doesn’t mean you have to participate in events. You can accept or decline as many event invitations as you wish based on your availability. 

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