Life-changers transcript


Text: Across Aotearoa, people with all sorts of jobs inspire tamariki through Inspiring the Future.

Brony: I felt lighter, I felt excited, it was really fun.

Alicia: It was just like fizzly and, and feeling like ‘oh my god I need to do this again, that was awesome.’

Harsh: You can inspire somebody through your story.

Brony: It’s just cool to, to be a part of something that, I guess you could see lights coming on in their head, and their eyes sparkling.

Jessica: When you look at what you do for a day job, don’t underestimate the power that you will have of being able to tell your story.

Alicia: There was a point where I really connected with one of the, one of the kids. I mean it was that moment when I realised ‘oh I’m actually inspiring someone, wow that’s, and it really, it made my day but I’m still thinking about it. When I’m having a struggle at work and I’m like ‘oh am I doing a good job’ and then I think about that kid and I’m like ‘yes it’s fine’.

Harsh: I walked away with a sense of satisfaction that, beyond the economic work that I do in this country, I also got to engage with the community through a very meaningful event.

Jessica: It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it.

Harsh: You all have a story and you are the hero of that story. Heroes inspire people.

Alicia: If you care about the future, if you care about children, if you care about your community, it’s a way of giving back.

Brony: It’s really neat to be a role model and be part of that, yeah.

Text: Inspiring the Future Aotearoa. BRONY, Builder. Life-changer.

Text: Inspiring the Future Aotearoa. HARSH, Organisational Development Leader. Life-changer.

Text: Inspiring the Future Aotearoa. ALICIA, Instructional Designer. Life-changer.

Text: Inspiring the Future Aotearoa. JESSICA, Talent Specialist – Youth. Life-changer.

Text: Show tamariki what’s possible. Volunteer now at

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