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Inspiring the Future brings a world of opportunity to your school

Inspiring the Future is an exciting new programme that’s coming soon to schools across New Zealand.

Based on research from Aotearoa and overseas, Inspiring the Future has been created to help broaden young people’s horizons and confront stereotypes that can limit their potential. It also helps students build their sense of self and better relate to others. These benefits help to enable a stronger Aotearoa, where young people aspire to a wide range of pathways that align with their skills and interests.

Inspiring the Future has been designed with the existing curriculum in mind.

If you decide to hold an Inspiring the Future event at your school, everything you need will be supplied – including fun activities for before and after the event that can be undertaken as part of your English, Social Studies or Art programmes.

A powerful experience that gives young people a strong sense of the possibilities.

At an Inspiring the Future event, young people hear from people in their own communities, learn about different jobs and why people love doing them, as well as how those people got started and the challenges they faced along the way.

Seeing everyday members of the community presented as role models is a compelling way to open up your students’ sense of the possibilities, foster their optimism and let their imagination take flight. 

You can read a step by step guide to hosting an Inspiring the Future event here.

Register your interest

In November, schools in Auckland, Dunedin and Gisborne will be able to host events and invite role models to participate.

If you represent a school outside of Auckland, Dunedin or Gisborne we’ll let you know when Inspiring the Future is live in your area.

If you’re a school that would like to host an event, complete the expression of interest form and we’ll keep you informed about programme developments.

Expression of interest form