Inspiring the future transcript


Teacher: Kia ora, everyone. Ask our volunteers up here any question you want,

as long as it's a yes-or-no question.

Pupil 1: Does your job involve designing things?

Volunteer 1: Yes!

Teacher: The aim is to find out exactly what our volunteers do.

Pupil 2: Do you work with computers?

Pupil 3: Do you have to wear a uniform?

Volunteer 3: Yes.

Volunteer 4: No.

Volunteer 5: Yes.

Pupil 4: Do you work with children?

Pupil 5: In your work do you have to do like mathematical stuff?

Volunteer 1: Yas!

Teacher: Inspiring the Future has allowed them just to open up some new ideas.

Pupil 6: I think he's like, an actor.

Pupil 7: Maybe a youth worker?

Pupil 8: Number 5 could be a doctor because she works with children

and she also said that she saves people.

Volunteer 1: I stand here in front of our people today as a software engineer.

Pupils: Whoa.

Volunteer 6: Um, I am a landscape architect.

Volunteer 5: I'm a plumber and gasfitter.

Volunteer 3: I'm actually an astrobiologist.

Teacher: What we're going to do is we're gonna get you guys into six groups.

Volunteer 3: It's so important to wake up in the morning to look forward to go to your job.

Volunteer 6: It was just really good just to chat with a lot of these kids as well,

because, you know, a lot of them thought that they could only go down a certain pathway.

Well, thank you guys.

Pupil 9: I thought Inspiring the Future was really cool.

Pupil 10: They've inspired kids to follow their dreams.

Volunteer 1: This didn't happen when I was at school and if I had the same kind of opportunity - oh! I would not go through the mistakes I went through.

Teacher: Yeah - we really want to see how our children succeed.

Teacher: I think it's been a real amazing experience for the students

Just planting seeds, yeah.

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